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Christine Ellingham     Fine Art

Christine Ellingham is an English painter based in Suffolk, UK.
She studied at Banbury College of Art, Oxfordshire and Hornsey College of Art London, specialising in Illustration.

Her career stretches from the mid 1960s to the present day, encompassing various forms of design and illustration, culminating and continuing in fine art painting.

Her work has included picture strip drawings in comics for girls, illustrations for teenage magazines and various house magazines, for example, BP, British Gas, and Royal Mail.

In the 1980s and 1990s she contributed artwork regularly to Associated Newspapers and Mirror Group Newspapers, at the same time providing drawings for other organisations which included coin design.

She has now retired from publishing and for the last twenty or so years has been painting full time. She has a studio in Spain and has been exhibiting regularly in that country. However, she will be spending more time in the UK in the future and is making her small conservatory her English studio.

Her work has always had an illustrative feel to it, her training and her experience unavoidably there in the background. Detail and precision, contrasting tones, clear, clean colours and, most importantly, good composition no matter the subject or medium.

Never one to stand still, she will dart from still life to portraiture to landscape and more recently, to abstraction and bright, lively collage.


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